The good food for camping should be fresh, nutritious, non-perishable, sturdy and super simple to be carried out and cooked easily.

Camping food, in special, can be divided into several types based on their nature, the usage time and the cooking methods. Some typical kinds of camping food comprise of beverages and drinks, ready-to-eat (dry and fresh food), fridge food, cold served food, roasting food, cooked food, condiments, and spices.

You can plan what food to carry and how much of them based on how long your camping trip is and a number of people. One more thing to add to your plan is the cooking type in the camp. Whether you need to bring a handheld gas stove or you can utilize a campfire or a barbecue at the destination. For each cooking type, there are different related kitchen tools and equipment. For example, you should not use a pan to cook with the campfire otherwise all of your food will be burned soon.

After having a general understanding of the healthy and safe camping food list, you should start making the list of your preferred food for yourself by following some below tips.

  1. Dehydrated, Canned and Instant Food

We suggest you to check the Mountain House brand. They have a huge variety of meal kits available. With dehydrated foods, you may think that it won't have a specially good taste, but they're surprisingly delicious (like Mountain house lasagna, granola with blueberries, chicken with veggies, macaroni with cheese, spaghetti, etc.), natural, less expensive and reduce waste as well. They're also easy to pack. Dried meat like chorizo will last for ages out of the cooler and it is an excellent high energy option for lunches, snacking or like an addition to other meaks for adding an extra flavor. Canned fish, beans, sweetcorn, chickpeas, can add variations to your meal. Great for longer trips as they can last long without a fridge. Versatile and a good source of protein. Add to stews, salads, soups, and chili. Instant Mac & Cheese and cup noodles are excellent as they can be easily prepared and require only hot water. They're especially good for those who are technically challenged in cooking. Porridge and cereals can be a great ready-to-eat convenient, healthy and balanced breakfast, especially if it's made with whole grains, is low in sugar and is served with fresh fruits.

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  1. Sandwich-Making Materials

Great meal that can be customized to suit every person's needs. You can bring any ingredients of your choice and personalize them to your liking.

  1. Flatbread and Bagels

Bagels are easy to pack for your camping trip. You can cook them up, make them into a fancy breakfast sandwich, or smother them in cream cheese. They're also a good source of carbohydrates, which give you energy for those long hikes. They can be made into a pizza, quesadillas, shawarmas, etc.

shawarma camping food                                                              Image by Pexels

  1. Pasta and Rice

Create a simple carbonara with sausage instead of bacon, throw together a fresh pesto pasta salad or melt creamy blue cheese into a mushroom sauce. Combine rice with different veggies and meat pieces, great as lunch or dinner.

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  1. Dairy and non-meats

As well as being one of life’s simple pleasures, having cheese on your camping menu will also provide an excellent source of protein and fat for sustained energy and a truckload of calcium. Some great dairy and non-meat options for your camping food list are cheese triangles, halloumi, parmesan cheese which is an excellent addition to pasta dishes, salads or pizzas. Tofu needs no refrigeration so it is a great option for an end of a trip protein hit. It will survive very well without refrigeration. Milk powder, long-life milk. Life long milk can last unopened, once opened it is best to be used the same day. Eggs will last a good few days out of the cooler but also out of the sun. If they need using up then hard boil them for packed lunches or camping snacks.

      6. Meats

If you like BBQ option or burgers, kebabs meatballs, you can bring the meat of your choice, minced meat, sausages. You will have to have a cooler for this.

  1. Instant Coffee Packets & Tea Bags

If you're a person that can't function without coffee, don’t forget to pack instant coffee packets. Instant coffee packets, tea bags, and powdered juices are easy to bring and make because you just pour them into boiled water. You have the drink of your choice.

  1. Snacks and Dessert

Trail mix, nuts, and protein bars an enjoyable and energy full camping snacks to bring with yourself. It is great to have it even during the hike, it will give you a real needed boost. Biscuits and cookies - the perfect treat with an afternoon tea or coffee that will last and store much better than cakes. Peanut butter, jam, honey, Nutella and marmite are all brilliant to have in your food storage to spread on bread or crackers for speedy snacks or even breakfast. When it comes to camping desserts, what is camping without an S'mores? It is an experience on its own, and especially fun activity to share with your kids. As well tinned fruit which can be mixed into an instant salad, but if you want to add a special touch, melt some chocolate to drizzle over tinned pears, then sprinkle with hazelnuts.

smores camping food

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 Photo by Kevin Erdvig on Unsplash

Meals have been and always will be a perfect time to share and connect with others. We wish you joyful meals around the campfire with your loved ones.



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